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Webinar and chatbot integration optimise all costs average four times

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  1. Deepak Kumar avatar Review

    Foxery is perfectly thought out and itcombines features of two services: awebinar room and a chatbot. It takes care ofall communication with clients from signingup for the webinar.

    All you need is to record a webinar once and set up a chatbot. And then your managers will simply receive leads in CRM.

    Foxery makes it possible to hide or open a chat, as well as to write fake questions before the webinar. They will appear at the time you need during the broadcast. All this and speaker’s behavior creates an illusion for the audience that they are watching a live webinar broadcast.

    Our visual editor with hints will help you to set up your chatbot easily. You’ll be able to add timers, photos, videos to the messages. Just as apps like card payments and much more.

    Foxery easily integrates with one of few of your sites. For each connected resource you can develop a separate chatbot message chain.

    Foxery automatically sends users messages based on their reaction: participating in a webinar, viewing messages, etc. The bot communicates.

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