1. Flexitive is a tool to quickly build responsive HTML5 ads or content.

  2. Shakr is the best video maker for small businesses, advertisement, social media, ecommerce stores and more.

  3. Madyourself is a full-featured Ad creative solution to build engaging creative ads.

  4. Boost Media is a startup that uses crowdsourcing and split testing to help businesses find effective words and images for their online ads.

  5. Snapchat's official self-serve ads manager

  6. Spongecell's Creative Management Platform allows brand advertisers to create unique, personalized ad experiences at a massive, global scale.

  7. Drive more revenue with SteelHouse’s complete marketing solution.

  8. Mixpo offers ad creative tools to create and manage digital ad products.

  9. Sizmek is an open ad management for end-to-end advertising.

  10. Enstigo is an ad creation and collaboration platform.

  11. Adtile enables advertisers to create motion and video advertisements.

  12. Netsertive offers digital marketing solutions for brands and local businesses.