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FairTrak is an Employee Monitoring Software for managers.

FairTrak is an Employee Monitoring Software for managers. It is a comprehensive software that allows companies to improve the productivity and efficiency of their employees by allowing them to analyze peoples’ activities, learn their behavior and recognize the scope of improvement.


  • Easy-to-read Reports: The reports are easy to understand and tell you everything about a person’s computer activity.
  • Customizable Screenshots: Record continuous or random screenshots to see exactly the monitored employee was doing.
  • Website Blocking Feature: Block the websites that according to you are unproductive and affecting the productivity.
  • Powerful Alarms Feature: Set alarm to get real time alerts to evaluate employees’ activity and identify areas of abuse.
  • Invisible remote installer: Invisible remote installer allows sheath mode tracking to ensure uninfluenced tracking.
  • Online Offline Tracking: Unlike most of the productivity assessment tools, FairTrakprovides both online-offline tracking.
  • Real-Time Tracking: See exactly what’s happening on your monitored devices in real-time; there are no coverage gaps.
  • Easy Setup & Use: Simply install the Agent on the devices you wish to monitor, and start seeing usage data quickly.

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