1. Abacus Private Cloud leverages virtualization technologies to run all software applications in a fully managed, secure and redundant private environment.

  2. Quickly and easily layout windows on a dynamic grid using just the mouse.

  3. A better drag & drop for Mac

  4. Outfit automates brand management at scale through intelligent data use, templates and integrations to reduce production costs, empower teams and increase eq...

  5. Host your brand guidelines and assets in the cloud

  6. A commercial printing and marketing-services provider leveraging robust technology with in-house services to provide a powerful competitive advantage.

  7. Workfront DAM makes it simple to manage and connect your brand, files, and teams from one central location.

  8. Open-source digital asset management (DAM) software

  9. Filecamp is Professional File Sharing, Media Asset Management, Image Library & Online Proofing. . . in one integrated, secure and cost-effective solution.

  10. MediaBank is a digital asset management and enterprise content management system.

  11. OpenText Media Management provides consolidated asset repository for marketing, branding, commerce, video and global distribution.

  12. Digital Asset Management