1. Detect and diagnose crashes in your applications. Bugsnag's cross platform error monitoring helps you ship with confidence.


  2. Brunch builds, lints, compiles, concatenates and shrinks your HTML5 app in an ultra-simple way. No more Grunt / Gulp mess.

  3. A full-Stack JavaScript platform (frontend & backend) to develop web & mobile application.

  4. Wow your users. Build incredible real-time applications in record time.

  5. The Grunt ecosystem is huge and it's growing every day.

  6. Self-hosted Firebase.

  7. Bower is a package manager for the web.

  8. Pad editor for source code.

  9. Learn to code by helping nonprofits.

  10. In-memory JavaScript Datastore with Persistence

  11. Forum(s) for the Distributed network Zeronet

  12. HTTP + JSON document database with Map Reduce views and peer-based replication