1. LiveRe provides comment management and content response solutions.

  2. SmartComment is a web-based software for public comments and outreach campaigns.

  3. Online comments aggregated in one dashboard

  4. Civil is a comment platform enabling people to connect on the websites.

  5. XCommentPro is a commenting and rating software.

  6. HyperComments offers tailored comment system for websites.

  7. C4all is an open source, easy to use comment field.

  8. Cackle offers widgets for live chat and to collect reviews, comments, and polls.

  9. WordPhire is a free commenting software for Wordpress.

  10. Commentbox is a jsf component that allows quick realization of a comment functionality

  11. JLex Comment is a comment system for Joomla.

  12. Vicomi's comment platform lets users tag how they feel about the content.