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Why I Search Jobs On DICE.COM

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  • Any Resources to for people who lost a job. is where those jobs are posted. Source: 6 days ago
  • You don’t need a LinkedIn account when you’re OE or mainly in general
    LinkedIn is a scam, stay away from it. You have a lot of other options, and you can still hit up the big recruiter agencies so on. Source: 13 days ago
  • Python Scrapper for with Litestar
    Hi, I made this web scrapper to scrape jobs from and store it in PostgreSQL DB with a fetch API using Litestar framework. The main goal for this project was to learn/familiarize myself with new python frameworks and librearies such as : Litestar, Piccolo ORM etc-. Source: about 1 month ago
  • IT Internships?
    I am signed up with Dice Job alerts at for IT in the region and frequently see postings for junior cybersecurity positions, frequently in government and VA but it's worth setting up a profile and having a look. Swing away at the junior positions though don't restrict yourself to internships. Source: about 2 months ago
  • Seeing if I have a case for BD on my loans. I did not put anything in as I may have been one of the decent students from DeVry that got a job right within 6 months of graduating college.
    Now, at this time, circa 2014, I heard that DeVry was getting a reputation of a degree mill and recruiters may have ghosted students with DeVry in their resume, but I cannot prove if that was the case. This may have prevented me of getting a job in the Chicagoland area. So, a friend of mine told me about Source: 2 months ago
  • Laid off, $3 in bank, rent in three days
    Yes if you go to or any jobs site there are literally more listings than anyone can count for software/web development and most of them seem to go unfilled. Most can be worked remotely too. Hard to believe OP is really out there searching and can't get hits. Forget about local jobs - work remote and you'll find tons of companies in the middle of nowhere that are desperate for developers. Source: 2 months ago
  • IT work
    Get on and look for an entry level position like "Computer Operator". Get in the door and work your way up. That's what I did. Source: 3 months ago
  • I would appreciate any feedback from the over 50 crowd.
    I suggest to get an idea as to which path you might want to jump into is to search website like or,,, select IT jobs and then read the descriptions of all the different positions you see out there and kind of select a handful that sound closest to what might interest you and go from there. Source: 3 months ago
  • Looking for job recommendations (IT or other)
    Not sure about Nashville specific but is good for tech jobs. Source: 5 months ago
  • Job Change
    I've had decent luck with and the job openings posted to LinkedIn, but I'm in tech and I have heard anecdotes that lots of non-tech roles posted to LinkedIn are vapor and not real. . Source: 5 months ago
  • Tips on searching for a job? is a search engine specifically for tech jobs. Source: 5 months ago
  • I don't like web components. Here's why.
    Angular and React are supported by big companies and will be around for many years. At least until I retire, if they will ever go away. There are plenty of jobs that are looking for these types of developers. I did a job search for 'web components' and got zero results on There are a ton of documentation, samples, demos, libraries, tutorials, books, blog posts, tweets on Angular and React. Much much less... Source: 6 months ago
  • Passed CYSA after 2 1/2 weeks of rigorous study
    Go to and look for jobs that require a security clearance. You'll be surprised how many companies will "sponsor" you to get a secret clearance to put you on a contract. The process to obtain a secret clearance doesn't take long at all and so this is what motivates these companies to hire people that previously don't have a clearance. Hit me up if you need more advice! I can provide much more information! Source: 6 months ago
  • If someone wants a very high paying job is it pretty much a guarantee that they'll need to travel?
    I'm ignorant on whether NZ folks can use them, but if your PM resume is strong, posting it on and will get your phone blown up with these pretty regularly. Source: 6 months ago
  • Just got a Part-time remote Sr. L1 Support Specialist job (remote) how i did it
    I feel like if I didn't want to stay solely remote I could have found a local job in a week. I have my resume on, and I get about 10-15 calls every day. Super annoying but have had a few remote help desk interviews through that as well. A lot of screening questions on the first interviews asked for the A+ or CCNA. Source: 6 months ago
  • Why are there no or very few Blazor jobs?
    I did a search on for Blazor jobs, filtered by remote only and full time. I got 0 results! (Without filters, 10 jobs in the whole US.). Source: 7 months ago
  • Immigrant Junior Network Engineer needs help finding the job
    Check out It's like Indeed, but focused on just IT jobs. Look for recruiters. See if there are any government agencies in the area you are planning on moving to and see try and find out what contractors are staffing for those agencies. Source: 7 months ago
  • Remote job opportunities are drying up but workers want flexibility more than ever, says LinkedIn study
    Yea it sucks, fuck the social circle jerk and go to it's way better, more straight forward and actually focuses on WORK, not some social posting feel good bullshit. Source: 7 months ago
  • I don’t want to give up
    Make a real play to target short-term (4-12 month) contract roles: go to, research several roles you want to target that have clear demand, and then customize and post a resume that you make visible to recruiters (you have to opt in to this, and it is the most important step). If you have in-demand skillset (see my point #2), you will likely get bombarded with contract roles offering between $50-$150 an... Source: 8 months ago
  • “If you won the lottery today, (1.5 Billion) what would you do?
    Please buy and use the domain name to start an online D&D platform! Source: 8 months ago
  • “If you won the lottery today, (1.5 Billion) what would you do?
    After I get profits from workday improvements, I’ll go buy and just shut it down. Source: 8 months ago

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