1. StrategicDB is a data cleansing company which focuses on customized data cleaning projects

  2. Import2 is an online data import service that helps you transfer business or personal data between cloud apps.

  3. Amiato provides real-time analytics services to enable companies to make sense of data by unlocking silos and future-proofing.

  4. Amazon Data Transfer Services offers data transfer solutions and services for moving data from on-premise servers to AWS regions.

  5. AWS Cloud Data Migration provides solutions to move existing on-premises data to a new cloud storage in batches, increments and streams.

  6. ESF Database Migration Toolkit enables transfer of data between various database formats without writing any scripts.

  7. SFXOrgData copies data between Production and Sandbox environments.

  8. Cloud Fastpath is a cloud-orchestrated data movement service.

  9. SkyKick offers cloud management for partners that has an integrated toolset for cloud business - Migrate, Backup and Manage.

  10. Data Trek is a flexible platform designed to channelize data migration procedures.

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  12. Export LinkedIn profiles to new contacts or leads in your CRM.