1. Ross Sales Analytics is a tool that help user quickly and easily answer typical customer service performance questions.

  2. Dartboard is a performance analytics and reporting solution for sales, support and customer operations.

  3. Brandwise Vision offers sales analytics to manage business.

  4. InfusionSoft Analytics offers solutions to manage sales and marketing campaigns.

  5. Vortini offers analytics for sales forecast and business insights.

  6. Sentrana Precision Sales & Marketing Cloud for sales and marketing teams to easily execute precise actions at an individual customer and pro

  7. Attentive is a business tool that gives teams real time insights about their leads, clients or competitors

  8. TrustSphere offers relationship analytics solutions to improve salesforce effectiveness, enterprise-wide collaboration, and governance.

  9. Bedrock Analytics leverages the power of data-driven analytics to pitch convincing stories to retailers.

  10. OpDots is a data visualization solution that enables users to see real-time status of Sales, IT and CSR cases in full context.

  11. AnalysisPlace provides analysis capabilities that let sales professionals create meaningful, targeted ROI information for prospects.

  12. Terapeak MySales allows merchants to monitor and improve eBay, Amazon, and Shopify sales from a single dashboard.