1. Stop Losing Money toFailed Payments in Stripe. Churn Buster saves you thousands of dollars every month by ensuring your customers update their payment information.

  2. GoSquared Real-Time Web Analytics. See who's reading, commenting, joining, or buying on your website right now. Watch your traffic unfold.

  3. Advanced broadcast analytics for the gaming industry

  4. The data community's workbench

  5. Real-time data pipelines for reporting and analytics

  6. Real-time big data analytics platform for log data, machine data, app data and clickstreams.

  7. Minio is an open-source minimal cloud storage server.

  8. Pachyderm is an open source analytics engine that uses Docker containers for distributed computations.

  9. AccountEdge Pro is a small business desktop accounting software for Mac and Windows.

  10. A sales enablement app. Your calendar on steroids!

  11. Relationship management. Redesigned.

  12. Mobile sales email and CRM management for Gmail & Salesforce