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Taskbar System Monitoring for Windows

"An advanced Mac system monitor for your menubar."
XMeters Landing Page
XMeters Landing Page
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iStat Menus Landing Page

XMeters details

Monitoring Tools Log Management Command Line Tools

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Monitoring Tools Log Management Error Tracking

XMeters videos

XMeters v1 -- Network bandwidth monitor

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  • - XMeters TaskBar System Monitoring Installation Guide 2019
  • - Uninstall XMeters 1.0 on Windows 10 Creators Update

iStat Menus videos

iStat Menus 6 Review: Best Mac Power User App

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  • - iStat Menus 6 for Mac Review
  • - iStat Menus 6 - Best macOS System Monitor - Tutorial

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Based on our record, iStat Menus seems to be a lot more popular than XMeters. While we know about 14 links to iStat Menus, we've tracked only 1 mention of XMeters. We are tracking product recommendations and mentions on Reddit, HackerNews and some other platforms. They can help you identify which product is more popular and what people think of it.

XMeters mentions (1)

  • Surface 3 only getting 3 hours of battery would reverting to windows 8.1 increase battery life?
    Minimise your CPU usage and try and always return to a near idle state of 1-3% CPU load. I like to use X Meters and Core Temp to monitor CPU usage. Get used to what is normal ... And take action when it is not normal. - Source: Reddit / 6 months ago

iStat Menus mentions (14)

  • Any free software/application which will show the Internet up and down speeds in the top bar?
    It's not free, but I paid a few bucks years ago for istat menus and I'm still using it. My preferred customisation is to replace the stock clock with it so that clicking brings up a drop down full of stats at a glance. - Source: Reddit / 8 days ago
  • PSA: How to force max fan speed when using "Recommended" power slider position on SP6
    AFAIK there’s nothing on Windows similar to iStat Menus where users can increase fan speed and also set rules on those speed based on CPU/systemsystem temperature:. - Source: Reddit / 13 days ago
  • Sensei Monitor – Next-Gen Mac Performance Monitor
    Daaamn. $60. Istat might not look as pretty, but it's $15 for a family pack and often on sale for less. - Source: Reddit / 14 days ago
  • New to Mac entirely, and somewhat to DevOps. Any suggestions on getting started moving from primarily Windows/Linux? Given a MacBook Pro 2019 16"
    iStat Menus - Gives me a quick-glance at CPU, Disk, and Memory usage. Especially helpful when I'm trying to conserve battery and realize I've left youtube open in the background somewhere. - Source: Reddit / 15 days ago
  • How many degree should my MacBook Pro 16 inch be on with only safari open?
    I use a variety of apps to do it. Istat Menus is a indispensable. Intel Power Gadget is also a useful tool for monitoring temperature, as well as seeing if your CPU/GPU speed is being throttled. I use the absolutely necessary Macs Fan Control to convince the fans to kick on before the processor is hotter than the surface of the sun, and there's another app called Hot that shows you real-time throttling data due to... - Source: Reddit / 17 days ago
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What are some alternatives?

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Conky - Latest commit 262a292 on Dec 7, 2017 brndnmtthws Add missing build dep. Conky is a free, light-weight system monitor for X, that displays any kind of information on your desktop.

Open Hardware Monitor - Monitors temperature sensors, fan speeds, voltages, load and clock speeds, with optional graph.

Rainmeter - Rainmeter is a desktop customization platform.

SpeedFan - Hardware monitor for Windows that can access digital temperature sensors located on several 2-wire SMBus Serial Bus. Can access voltages and fan speeds and control fan speeds. Includes technical articles and docs.

Core Temp - Nov 4, 2017 - Core Temp is a compact, no fuss, small footprint, yet powerful program to monitor processor temperature and other vital information.

GKrellM - GKrellM is a single process stack of system monitors which supports applying themes to match its...

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