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WebTranslateIt logo WebTranslateIt

Online localization tool combining software translation project management and translation interface in a single online platform.

Crowdin logo Crowdin

Localize your product in a seamless way
WebTranslateIt Landing Page
WebTranslateIt Landing Page is an online localization tool combining software translation project management and translation interface in a single online platform. With the aim of helping software companies to manage their localization process, allows users to host their language files online and allows a team of translators to work on these files online. Working online ensures that only the newest content is translated, and that every team member is on the same page: translators receive notifications every time there is new content to translate or proofread and your translations are always updated when new content is added to your website, app or software.

What sets us apart from our competitors? - Setting up translation projects will only take a few minutes before translators can actually start translating. -'s open API will allow users to easily sync their language files. - The user-friendly translation interface gives translators all the tools they need to efficiently translate the content of an app or website. -'s technical support is tailor-made to every user's needs. - New features and improvements are added to existing ones on a regular basis

Crowdin Landing Page
Crowdin Landing Page

Get quality translations for your app, website, game, supporting documentation and on. Invite your own translation team or work with professional translation agencies within Crowdin.

Features that ensure quality translations and speed up the process

  • Glossary – create a list of terms to get consistent translations
  • Translation Memory (TM) – no need to translate identical strings
  • Screenshots – tag source strings to get context relevant translations
  • Integrations – set up integration with GitHub, Google Play, API, CLI, Android Studio, Wix Answers, Sketch, Figma and on
  • QA checks – make sure that all the translations have the same meaning and functions as the source strings
  • In-Context – proofreading within the actual web application
  • Machine Translations (MT) – pre-translate via translation engine
  • Reports – get insights, plan and manage the project

Crowdin supports more than 60 file formats for mobile, software, documents, subtitles, graphics and assets: .xml, .strings, .json, .html, .xliff, .csv, .php, .resx, .yaml, .xml, .properties, .strings and on.

WebTranslateIt details

Localization Website Localization App Localization Software Translation App Translation
Pricing URL Official WebTranslateIt Pricing  
Details $freemium €66.0 / Monthly (3,000 segments, up to 10 users, unlimited languages and projects)
Release Date2009-11-01

Crowdin details

Localization Website Localization App Localization Translation Translation Service Professional Translation Service Language Translation Translation Automation Translation API
Pricing URL Official Crowdin Pricing  
Details $freemium $40.0 / Monthly (Pro)
SaaS Cloud Web Browser
Release Date2009-01-15

WebTranslateIt features and specs

  • API: Yes
  • Activity Dashboard: Yes
  • Alerts & Notifications: Yes
  • Collaboration Tools: Yes
  • Content Management: Yes
  • Data Import/Export: Yes
  • Reporting & Statistics: Yes
  • Search and Filtering: Yes
  • File manager: Yes
  • Commenting: Yes
  • Multi-language: Yes
  • Project Management: Yes
  • Tagging: Yes
  • Text editor: Yes

Crowdin features and specs

  • Source Files Management: Support of all popular file formats, files prioritization, export options, file revisions with a rollback possibility.
  • Over-The-Air Content Delivery: An API to distribute and deliver translated content to the end users. Can be used with Crowdin Android and iOS SDK
  • Sketch Plugin: Automate translation of content on your pages and artboards into multiple languages. Quickly generate language-specific assets.
  • Jira Integration: Keep track of issues in the source strings reported by users working on the project translation. Each new issue in Crowdin becomes a sub-task in Jira automatically.
  • Translation memory: Translation Memory (TM) is the vault of previously translated content from a particular project.
  • Google Play Integration: Crowdin’s integration with Google Play improves the process of your app’s data localization.
  • GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab Integrations: Keep files synchronized between your repository in version control system and project in Crowdin.

WebTranslateIt videos

What can do for you?

Crowdin videos

Crowdin Demo

More videos:

  • Tutorial - How To Manage Translations For Your Application | Crowdin & GitHub Tutorial

Category Popularity

0-100% (relative to WebTranslateIt and Crowdin)
6 6%
94% 94
Website Localization
8 8%
92% 92
App Localization
7 7%
93% 93
100 100%
0% 0

User comments

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These are some of the external sources and on-site user reviews we've used to compare WebTranslateIt and Crowdin

WebTranslateIt Reviews

  1. Great tool!

    We've used WebTranslateIt for years to translate our platforms, IOS & Andriod mobile apps into 30+ Languages. We've always used freelance translators and the process has always been so simple to get them set up and translating straight away which is so helpful, particularly on a tight deadline. The discussions feature has been invaluable to support translators in context to the appropriate string.

  2. Great Translation Project Management Service

    We use WebTranslateIt for the coordination of large translation projects for apps and websites : it's easy to use, easy to import translation files, easy to export, and easy to dialogue with different collaborators.

    👍 Pros:    Easy to use|Third party service integration|Auto translation|Project management
    👎 Cons:    Ui is not very attractive
  3. Easy and simple

    It was very easy to implement the Webtranslatelt and import existing translation keys to Webtranslatelt using the APIs. Also, the translators' onboarding was quick and didn´t need much support.

    👍 Pros:    Quick and easy|Easy to setup|Intuitive|Unlimited users|User rights restrictions based on languages|Great customer support|Translation key comments are visible (no need extra clicks)
    👎 Cons:    Ui is not very attractive|Attached screenshots need to open in separate tab

Crowdin Reviews

We have no reviews of Crowdin yet.
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Social recommendations and mentions

Based on our record, Crowdin seems to be a lot more popular than WebTranslateIt. While we know about 15 links to Crowdin, we've tracked only 1 mention of WebTranslateIt. We are tracking product recommendations and mentions on various public social media platforms and blogs. They can help you identify which product is more popular and what people think of it.

WebTranslateIt mentions (1)

Crowdin mentions (15)

  • Just launched Secrets 4 - A Password Manager with sharing on iCloud
    For translations I can recommend you to use sites such as Crowdin, OneSky, Transifex, Weblate. Lot of smaller (singe or small team) developers are handling translations with the help of their users. You would be surprised how easy and how fast it is to manage translations at no (or nearly) cost this way. There is a lot of users willing to help to translate the app to their native languages. Source: 8 days ago
  • Where can I find the files responsible for translation? (And can I even?)
    I want to make some modifications because there are some mistakes, but I don't want to go to because it'll be in vain. So, where are these files located? And I am not talking about .minecraft/assets/virtual/legacy/lang, no, because there are names of only some items in them. Source: 4 months ago
  • Markdown, Asciidoc, or reStructuredText - a tale of docs-as-code
    Internationalization (i18n) pain for a documentation project is a process problem, not a feature gap. Documentation frameworks are not meant to translate your developer docs for you into the language of your choice. Some frameworks might offer i18n support, like the Crowdin support in Docusauraus v2. With Jekyll, you have to pick a theme like this one. I doubt if the reST or adoc frameworks would differ much from... - Source: / 5 months ago
  • How to Send Multilingual Emails with Courier and Crowdin
    Crowdin is a cloud-based localization management software that speeds up and automates the localization of your content, from websites, apps, and marketing campaigns to software and games. No matter what type of content you translate — the more routine tasks you can automate, the more time your team can spend on what’s relevant. - Source: / 5 months ago
  • — Unlimited projects, unlimited strings and collaborators for Open Source. - Source: / 7 months ago
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