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Tresorit Reviews
Why switch to Tresorit from SpiderOak?
While SpiderOak only secures their desktop apps, Tresorit offers end-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge privacy on all devices and your web browser. Proven by more than 1000 hackers who tried to break our encryption for a bounty of $50,000. No one succeeded.
Source: tresorit.com
Google Drive Alternatives: 10 Best Cloud Storage Services
Not only that Tresorit also follows Zero-knowledge authentication. That’s just a fancy way of saying that your service provider (Tresorit, in this case) does not save any of the passwords and encryption keys, making it impossible for anyone, even the workers at Tresorit, to access your file. Needless to say, the service is pretty secure and your data is safe in their hands....
Source: beebom.com
The quest for a more secure Dropbox alternative
Tresorit’s powerful combination of user-friendliness and security makes the service about as close to perfect as you can get. An encrypted folder on the server is called “Tresor,” and Tresorit recommends creating several Tresor folders for various purposes and user groups. Each one can be synchronized with any folder on a computer as well as designated for shared access with...
16 Tresorit Alternatives
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SpiderOak Reviews
Why switch to Tresorit from SpiderOak?
Unlike SpiderOak's one-direction sharing (ShareRoom), you can easily collaborate with others by working on files in shared folders (tresors). Unlike SpiderOak, we never store files in plaintext.
Source: tresorit.com
The quest for a more secure Dropbox alternative
One of the oldest security-focused services for storing and securing files, SpiderOak ONE shows its age. Its major flaws are a somewhat bleak and slow application for desktops and a quite unintuitive interface that combines features of backing up and storing files. Some advantages of the service include the “endless” change log and flexible settings for sharing.
Four Awesome File Sharing Alternatives to Dropbox
Remember the Dropbox security breach that resulted in millions of user accounts with no password authentication? Even after fixing the glitch, the breach ate into the trust many users had in the company. SpiderOak, Edward Snowden’s file sharing service of choice, boasts of one of the most robust encryption protocols of any cloud storage service. This service pays utmost...