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Slim Framework VS Laravel

Compare Slim Framework VS Laravel and see what are their differences

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Slim is a PHP micro framework that helps you quickly write simple yet powerful web applications and APIs.

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A PHP Framework For Web Artisans
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PHP Framework PHP MVC Framework Web Framework Programming PHP Web Framework

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Web Framework PHP Framework PHP MVC Framework MVC Framework

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Slim Framework Reviews

The Most Popular PHP Frameworks to Use in 2021
Slim framework is quick and easy to install. Slim has a First Application tutorial for version 3 of the framework. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been updated to Slim version 4, the current version.
Top 9 PHP Frameworks For Web Development In 2021
Unlike the other web development PHP frameworks mentioned above, Slim, as the name goes, is a PHP micro-framework for web development. Are you aware of micro-frameworks? The ones listed above are full-stack frameworks. Slim, with 10k+ stars on GitHub, is a minimalistic web application and API development framework. Basically, this means you will only have the recipe and...
The 10 Best PHP Frameworks To Use in 2021
Slim is a PHP micro framework. Micro frameworks (or microframeworks) are the alternative to full stack frameworks. They support only limited functionality. Though this may seem like a disadvantage, micro frameworks like Slim can keep things simple.
Top 4 PHP Frameworks to use in 2019
Developers use Slim in case they need to create RESTful APIs for their projects. Apart from minimalistic design, this framework includes URL routing, session, and cookie routing. If you want to build a small web application, this is your framework of choice.

Laravel Reviews

The Most Popular PHP Frameworks to Use in 2021
Laravel Homestead is an official, pre-packaged Vagrant box that provides you a wonderful development environment without requiring you to install PHP, a web server, and any other server software on your local machine. No more worrying about messing up your operating system!
Top 9 PHP Frameworks For Web Development In 2021
Laravel is an open-source web development framework. Of-course, free. It enjoys awe-inspiring support from the PHP developer community. And as a result, Laravel wheels are always in motion. Right from its launch in 2011 to the time of writing this insight, there have been 20 mega releases, Laravel 8 being the latest stable version. The Laravel web framework community...
Top 5 Back-End Frameworks to Consider for Web Development in 2021
The Laravel framework is designed to offer native APIs for authentication, authorization, and rate-limiting services. The framework comes in handy if you require database migrations for your application as they can be executed easily using the command line tools. Laravel offers an excellent code organization with packages that follow the modern PHP standards. The Laravel...
The 10 Best PHP Frameworks To Use in 2021
At the same time, Laravel is efficient enough for building complex applications. And its more technical features like a template engine, routing, security, and authentication support this endeavor.
Best backend technologies to use in 2019
The documentation of Laravel is very clean, organized and understandable. The MVC architecture is supported in Laravel and it helps in bringing a variety of built-in functions to select from a better development architecture. Laravel allows the developers to create both small as well as huge applications. Laravel gives a secure API building structure that can support...

Social recommendations and mentions

Based on our record, Laravel seems to be a lot more popular than Slim Framework. While we know about 152 links to Laravel, we've tracked only 5 mentions of Slim Framework. We are tracking product recommendations and mentions on Reddit, HackerNews and some other platforms. They can help you identify which product is more popular and what people think of it.

Slim Framework mentions (5)

Laravel mentions (152)

  • My Workflow
    As the name of the service says it will work best with Laravel but it is not a problem to modify code from other frameworks to make it work the same way. I have several applications created this way in CakePHP. I have this set to manual after clicking the deploy button, but if you want you can turn on quick deploy and then it will publish the application after a push to the main branch (or another one, depending... - Source: / 5 days ago
  • A minimalist backend REST API in NodeJS
    We deliberately decided not to use "kitchen-sink included" frameworks such as Laravel, Django, Loopback or Nest.js to keep things simple. - Source: / 17 days ago
  • Have you ever tired for making choices even after choosing framework?
    Looking for a de-facto and standard system on JavaScript is very challenging and coming from Laravel was totally different experience, you don't need to think about ORM or installing another hacky library so that your payment system could work—the framework decided all for you, and it just works. - Source: / 21 days ago
  • The Rails Foundation kicks off with one million dollars
    Basically what @clivestaples already said. If you go to the Laravel Website [1] and look through "Ecosystem" in the navigation - that's what I am missing from Rails. And of course a more active community. [1] - Source: Hacker News / 25 days ago
  • From WampServer, to Vagrant, to QEMU
    WampServer was exactly what I needed. Something that would allow me to create a proper web application with a web server, a database, and even OpenSSL, locally on my machine. It even provided a user interface to help with the management of this all, no need with mucking around with configuration files. As time went on my understanding of programming grew, as did my knowledge in the realm of web development. I... - Source: / about 1 month ago
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What are some alternatives?

When comparing Slim Framework and Laravel, you can also consider the following products

CodeIgniter - A Fully Baked PHP Framework

Django - The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines

Symfony - A PHP full-stack web framework

Yii Framework - Yii is a high-performance component-based PHP framework best for Web 2.0 development.

Ruby on Rails - Ruby on Rails is an open source full-stack web application framework for the Ruby programming...

Phalcon - Web framework delivered as a C-extension for PHP

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