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Superhuman for note taking

A note-taking tool for networked thought
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Note Taking Todos Requirements Management

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Note Taking Todos Task Management Knowledge Management Knowledge Base Personal Notes

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This Note-Taking App is a Game Changer - Roam Research

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11 Best Alternatives To Use
Roam Research is an auto-back-linked-wiki that helps people to be more productive. Bi-directional links allow you to create pages as you type. When you visit those pages it lists all bullets in which you have mentioned the tag. You can build a network of interconnected notes, which is not linear or hierarchical.
Best Evernote Alternatives in 2021 for Serious Note Takers
Marketed as a personal knowledge management system, Roam is a note-taking tool that’s ideal for organizing ongoing research and collecting data. Roam was inspired by the Zettelkasten method of note taking, which involves writing lots of small notes on rearrangeable index cards instead of taking pages and pages of notes that you then have to sort through. Roam is unique...
11 Best Note-Taking Apps to Help You Stay Organized at Productive in 2021
Roam Research is a unique alternative to traditional note-taking systems. It lets you link notes to one another through an on-page tagging system, creating a web of connections between them. And it offers a graph overview, so you can see all the note-to-note links you’ve made, rather than navigating a typical, hierarchical folder system. Roam encourages daily note-taking on...
Top 15 Best Evernote Alternatives You Can Use
Roam Research is a new player in the town, and it’s taking the note-taking industry by the storm. Normal note-taking apps depend on a system of folders and tags for organizing your notes. While Roam Research has support for tagging, the main USP of Roam is that it lets you create links between notes.

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Roam Research mentions (58)

  • Lovers of Learning: Let’s Discuss and Compare Our Systems
    I have more recently tried some new note:mindmap hybrid models, such as Roam Research and Obsidian. I am quite impressed with these two tools and these are the best systems I have yet found. - Source: Reddit / 5 days ago
  • Where can I learn the general business fundamentals online?
    I created a page in that contains all chapters of this book as linked pages, and every time I read about a business subject (i.e. Marketing, Finance, Systems, or HR, etc.) I fit the new pages inside the chapter structure of this book and Roam links them. So every time I need to check references this is my go-to place. - Source: Reddit / 22 days ago
  • [TOMT][Online tool/website] [2020] Online writing software/research tool that has a smart indexing feature that allows you to organise your writings/document into a 'tree' and allows you to quickly search for related snippets of information.
    This has been solved, thank you! It's I was looking for. - Source: Reddit / 27 days ago
  • Good app to take notes in class
    Here's some reasons: - You are a CS student and mastering Emacs (to a certain level) could help with other parts of your studies in addition to serving as your dev & notes environment. It will encourage you to learn Lisp/functional programming which might give you different perspectives (and you'll likely have a functional programming class sooner or later anyway) - You can easily practice literate programming.... - Source: Reddit / 28 days ago
  • Ask HN: What are the problems that you are willing to pay $1000 to solve?
    > A system to build knowledge more effectively Assuming you are "people", have you tried roam[1][2][3]? > health plan If you do end up figuring something out for this I'd be very interested. SelfDecode's privacy policy gets very close to being acceptable for me, but sadly 23andme-level genomic analysis is either prohibitively expensive (I simply cannot drop thousands on it) or it's actually 23andme and will sell... - Source: Hacker News / about 1 month ago
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