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Firebase VS Strapi

Compare Firebase VS Strapi and see what are their differences

Firebase is a cloud service designed to power real-time, collaborative applications for mobile and web.

Strapi is the most advanced Node.
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Firebase Landing Page
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Firebase details

Realtime Backend / API API Tools Mobile Push Messaging

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CMS Blogging Blogging Platform

Firebase videos

Is Firebase a Good Long Term Solution?

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  • - How to NOT get a 30K Firebase Bill
  • - Firebase Pricing

Strapi videos

Let's Checkout... #Strapi CMS

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  • - Quick Strapi Review
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These are some of the external sources and on-site user reviews we've used to compare Firebase and Strapi

Firebase Reviews

Firebase Alternatives – Top 10 Competitors
Firebase continues to innovate and dominate the backend as a service (BaaS) market. It’s grown so much that it has become a key component of Google’s mobile strategy. In the past, I’ve been an enthusiastic Firebase user, but my concerns about its complexity and cost have led me to explore other cloud alternatives. While it offers an increasingly sophisticated array of...
Top 5 Alternatives to Heroku
Automatic Notifications: Firebase Notifications is a free service built on its Cloud Messaging (FCM) and the FCM SDK, enabling targeted user notifications for mobile app developers. Without manual messaging Firebase keeps two systems synchronized through automatic update notifications.
Top 10 Alternatives To Firebase
With so much going in favor of Firebase, below are the top 15 alternatives of Firebase that can become your top choices.
Firebase Alternative: 3 Open-Source ways to follow
Additionally, neither Firebase allows easy integrations with other apps nor is it possible to install your own modules on your backend. As far as scaling is concerned, even a fully managed database provider like Firebase is not a complete solution to all your scaling related concerns, as it becomes extensive once you scale your app. That’s why it’s always a better idea to...
Best alternatives for Firebase
What are the best open-source or freemium alternatives for firebase? I am interested in using Firebase both as a backend infrastructure and as a software framework.

Strapi Reviews

Best Headless CMS for 2020
Valid argument. But what is the alternative? Strapi on a server with a Database? What about doing backups? Isn't it even more complicated? In a git-based CMS you can at least undo all changes, which isn't that easy with a database.
11 Headless CMS to Consider for Modern Application
Strapi is an opensource CMS intended to be transparent and striving to be a perfect balance between a CMS, framework, and an automation tool to speed-up back-end development and management.
34 Headless CMS That Should Be On Your Radar
France-based Strapi is an open source headless CMS built on Node.js. It enables you to build and manage multiple APIs.

Social recommendations and mentions

Firebase might be a bit more popular than Strapi. We know about 66 links to it since March 2021 and only 59 links to Strapi. We are tracking product recommendations and mentions on Reddit, HackerNews and some other platforms. They can help you identify which product is more popular and what people think of it.

Firebase mentions (66)

  • Sending Emails in Your Firebase App with Nodemailer
    Firebase is a Google-backed Backend-as-a-Service(BAAS) app development platform that provides hosted backend services such as authentication, hosting, storage and database solutions. You can describe it as an all-in-one backend solution for your apps. - Source: / about 1 month ago
  • How to Hosting Project Into Firebase
    You can visit the firebase website at the following this link firebase. After you login, then you can see the button in the right corner next to your account profile, you can click the 'console' button. - Source: / 3 days ago
  • Getting started with Firebase web v9 API
    As I wrote in my previous article, I have started exploring Firebase web v9 APIs. I am going to explain how easy to get started with Firebase web v9 API ( beta ) and setup your project. This article covers the following to kick start your next experiment with Firebase APIs. - Source: / 5 days ago
  • NextJS and a Database
    You could check out Firebase, or Supabase, which offers a cloud-hosted Heroku database, or FaunaDB, which is a mongo-like database that you interact with through API. Both should give you some way to view the data through their UI, but it probably won't be as pretty as Airtable's back-end view. - Source: Reddit / 6 days ago
  • My favorite free bootstrapping tools that I use in all my projects
    Firebase - Made by the same car company as google meets they offer a big variety of tools that include: database, signup, notifications, analytics, etc... - Source: Reddit / 7 days ago

Strapi mentions (59)

  • Registration and Login (authentication) with Vue.js & Strapi
    In this tutorial, we'll be learning how to integrate authentication into our Strapi Application, and we'll be building a simple Recipe Application with Strapi backend and Vue.js frontend. Users will search for recipes in this Application and will pull results from the Edamam recipe API. Users will be able to register, log in to our Application and also perform password recovery. - Source: / about 17 hours ago
  • Why Your Organization Needs a Federated Graph Interface
    Now, thanks to the availability of headless CMS like Strapi and ready-made gateways like Apollo, it's relatively easy for even small companies to implement a Federated Graph Interface quickly. The flexibility and scalability this setup provides will help you save time while building more flexible, scalable software. - Source: / 3 days ago
  • How to Build a To-do app with Svelte, Strapi & Tailwind CSS
    Strapi is an open-source headless Node.js CMS built purely with JavaScript that helps to create fully customizable and scalable APIs. With Strapi, we can build APIs using REST or GraphQL architecture. - Source: / 7 days ago
  • Myth-busting: Jamstack can't handle dynamic content
    Strapi is an open source Node.js-based headless CMS. Since it's headless, we can use Strapi to deliver content to almost any digital device via its API. We’ve used Strapi as a video content manager. We’ve managed the videos available in our Nuxt.js app with Strapi, as well as leveraged its extra customisation options to build out a service to handle token requests with Ably. - Source: / 9 days ago
  • How to Connect Strapi to PostgreSQL
    Strapi is an open-source headless CMS based on Nodejs used in designing APIS and managing content. - Source: / 10 days ago

What are some alternatives?

When comparing Firebase and Strapi, you can also consider the following products

Android Studio - Android development environment based on IntelliJ IDEA

Contentful - You don't need another CMS. You need a better way to manage content — unified, structured, and ready to deploy to any digital channel.

PubNub - PubNub is a real-time messaging system for web and mobile apps that can handle API for all platforms and push messages to any device anywhere in the world in a fraction of a second without having to worry about proxies, firewalls or mobile drop-offs.

WordPress - WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

Xcode - Xcode 4 is the new version of Apple’s powerful integrated development environment for creating great apps for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Xcode 4 includes the Xcode IDE, instruments, iOS Simulator, and the latest Mac OS X and iOS SDKs.

Prismic - is a web software you can use to manage content in any kind of website or app. API-driven.

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