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Web Analytics made simple and therefore privacy friendly. It’s Free.

Plausible Analytics is a simple, open-source, lightweight (< 1 KB) and privacy-friendly web analytics alternative to Google Analytics. Landing Page Landing Page Landing Page Landing Page

Plausible Analytics is not designed to be a clone of Google Analytics. It is meant as a simple-to-use replacement and a privacy-friendly alternative that can help many site owners.

  • It's quick, simple to use and understand with all the metrics displayed on one page. Doesn't track hundreds of metrics like Google Analytics does

  • Lightweight script of less than 1 KB so sites load fast. The script is 45 times smaller script than the Google Analytics one

  • Doesn't use cookies so there's no need to worry about cookie banners

  • Doesn't track personal data so it's compliant with GDPR out of the box and you don't need to worry about asking for data consent

  • It's open source with the code available on GitHub so you can even self host exactly the same product free as in beer

  • Unlike Google Analytics, the cloud product is not free as in beer because the business model is subscriptions rather than selling the data of your visitors. Plausible Analytics is bootstrapped without any external funding so the subscription fees help cover the costs and time spent on development. details

Web Analytics Analytics Privacy
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Web Analytics Analytics Privacy
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Details $paid Free Trial $6.0 / Monthly (10,000 pageviews)
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  1. Happy Paying User :)

    I've been using plausible since Sep 2019 and never had any doubts about it. It provides me with everything I need related to visitor stats while keeping privacy in first place.

    It doesn't slow down my website loading speed (it's amazing, it's less than 1KB in size!), is not blocked by adblockers since it's not really a tracker tracker, and owners are super cool and they actually respond to every inquiry you could possibly have.

    If you're looking for de-googling your stuff, you can start with Plausible :)

    🏁 Competitors: Google Analytics, Matomo, Woopra
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Loading speed|Clean ui|Privacy concisous|Custom domain|Affordable prices|Easy integration|Super simple
  2. Plausibly simple analytics!

    I tried several analytics tools prior to Plausible, namely Google Analytics and later on Matomo. I found both to be fairly complicated for my usage which is a personal blog. Complicated in the way I had to install and use them. Plausible's simple to set up approach combined with a very clean and inviting user interface was a breath of fresh air. It's simple and clean enough that it actually makes me want to check and analyse my traffic which is a feeling I never thought I'd have having tried alternatives.

    🏁 Competitors: Google Analytics, Simple Analytics, Matomo
  3. Excellent alternative to google analytics

    It offers clear information about what I really need, without distractions, without advertising and does not slow my site.

    🏁 Competitors: Google Analytics

Top 5 open source alternatives to Google Analytics
Plausible is a newer kid on the open source analytics tools block. It’s lean, it’s fast, and only collects a small amount of information β€” that includes numbers of unique visitors and the top pages they visited, the number of page views, the bounce rate, and referrers. Plausible is simple and very focused.
Privacy-oriented alternatives to Google Analytics
I learned about Plausible just recently, but they deserve to be on top of this list for me. Their platform is completely Open Source on GitHub under the MIT license. I personally also like that it’s written in Elixir.
Lightweight alternatives to Google Analytics
Plausible is another relatively new analytics tool that was launched in early 2019. Soon after launching, it switched to open source, with the code licensed under the permissive MIT license. The company's business model is to charge for the hosting, with pricing aimed at small businesses. In addition to making its source code available, Plausible is one of an increasing...

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  • Free and privacy-compliant Analytics
    Https:// which seems to be well-established, and charges only 4$/mo for less than 10k pageview per month, with annual billing. - Source: Reddit / 2 months ago
  • Any google-analytics equivalent open-source solution ?
    Depending on your use case, this open source, non-free (but cheap) privacy-friendly project might be of interest: - Source: Reddit / 2 months ago
  • How to integrate Plausible into a Next.js project
    Plausible is a new and privacy-friendly analytics service that is an attractive alternative to Google Analytics. It only stores data that enables a simple analysis of visits to your website. In doing so, Plausible does not track the user across multiple websites (does not store cross-site cookies). - Source: / about 2 months ago
  • Privacy focused analytics
    There is a market for it but there are already a few companies offering it. Https:// Https:// Https:// - Source: Reddit / about 2 months ago
  • Programming as the Means of Last Resort
    Worse, you might find that there is nothing out there that does quite what you want. For a number of reasons, I've moved away from Google Analytics for my projects to Plausible, but there's no reasonably-priced Google Analytics alternative for native applications (that I know about). So I'm out of luck if I want an affordable solution for native analytics. - Source: / about 2 months ago

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