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Coding metrics. See aggregate information on how your coding time was used (Coding, Debugging, Building and System time)

SonarQube is code review and management software. The software is developed by SonarSource, which was founded in 2008 by Freddy Mallet, Simon Brandhof and Olivier Gaudin. Read more about SonarQube.
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Code Coverage Code Quality Data Dashboard

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Code Analysis Code Review Code Coverage Code Quality Python IDE

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What is SonarQube?

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  • - What is SonarQube? How to configure a maven project for Code Coverage | Tech Primers
  • - How to analyze code quality using SonarQube | Easy tutorial

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TOP 40 Static Code Analysis Tools (Best Source Code Analysis Tools)
It is possible to integrate it into Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, and other widespread IDE. The results of the analysis can be imported into SonarQube.
Top 4 Open Source Security Testing Tools to Test Web Application
Though written in Java, it can analyze over twenty different programming languages. It can easily integrate with continuous integration tools like Jenkins server, etc. The results will be populated to the SonarQube server with ‘green’ and ‘red lights’.
11 Interesting Tools for Auditing and Managing Code Quality
SonarQube is the most popular code quality and security analysis tool in the market. With the support of the open-source community, Sonarqube presently can analyze and produce outputs for over 25 programming languages, which are higher than most tools in the market.

What are some alternatives?

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JetBrains ReSharper - ReSharper provides on-the-fly code analysis and eliminates errors in C#, VB.NET, XAML, ASP.NET, and XML

Codacy - Automatically reviews code style, security, duplication, complexity, and coverage on every change while tracking code quality throughout your sprints.

ReSharper - ReSharper is a productivity tool for visual studio that provides tools and features to help you manage your code.

Checkmarx - Read More ›

Phabricator - Phacility - Phabricator

CodeClimate - Code Climate provides automated code review for your apps, letting you fix quality and security issues before they hit production. We check every commit, branch and pull request for changes in quality and potential vulnerabilities.

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