1. Product Hunt for tech events

  2. Lanyrd allows you to add events, discover new and exciting conferences and track your friends to...

  3. Bylde is a platform which you can use to create your groups and communities.

  4. Connecting Crowds Through Q&A The Right Way To Bring Everyone Closer To Their Community


  5. Tonight's Going Out App

  6. Meet New People. Build Amazing Things. A workspace for aspiring Entrepreneurs, Engineers, and Creatives.

  7. DownToMeet is a platform to organize, find, and attend group events.

  8. Find people for group activities and travel

  9. Hosting your event just got easier.

  10. All the local tech and startup meetups in one place - easy to organize & attend

  11. Simple event tools for organizations. One central hub to manage your events and members โ€” all year long.

  12. Lightweight, inexpensive alternative to meetup.com.