1. Design feedback tool for mockups, wireframes and web prototypes

  2. PASTE is software for storing and sharing text. The software was originally forked from the outrageously popular pastebin. com before the domain was sold in 2010. Read more about PASTE.

  3. Filestage is a web application to share, review and approve media content with teams and

  4. Production tracking, asset management, and review. Helping your whole team go faster.

  5. ConceptShare streamlines the review and approval phase of creative production. We integrate online proofing with workflow automation to reduce the time and effort of approvals.  

  6. A collaborative platform for creative review

  7. A/B testing and design platform for App Store and Google Play icons, screenshots and videos.

  8. Empowering designers with visual predictive analytics

  9. We’ve built an artificial intelligence that instantly predicts how users will see your website so that you can create landing pages that sell

  10. Free design collaboration and prototyping tool

  11. Get design feedback and client approval using WordPress.