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  2. Babel is a compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.

  3. Flexible project management web application


  4. Free, online, easy-to-use, fully customizable issue tracking and agile project management tool your development team will love, by JetBrains. Our cloud or your server.

  5. It's a portable server manager that you can go anywhere, anytime, in any computer and run your...

  6. PhpED - PHP IDE integrated development environment for developing web sites using PHP, HTML, Perl, JScript and CSS that combines a comfortable editor, debugger, profiler with the MySQl, PostrgeSQL database support based on easy wizards and tutorials.

  7. Laracasts is the PHP and Laravel screencasts on the web.

  8. Buddy is a Continuous Integration service. It supports GitHub, Bitbucket, and Gitlab projects. Automate the lifecycle of web & Docker apps: Build, Test & Deploy.

  9. Deploy, update and scale your apps and their data in 2 minutes, magically.

  10. FAT-FREE is a powerful yet lightweight PHP 5.

  11. ExpressionEngine is a flexible, feature-rich content management system that empowers thousands of...

  12. JavaScript Library for cross-platform web and mobile app development with HTML5 JavaScript widgets. Easy integration with popular JavaScript Frameworks.