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Fast and secure, ad and tracker blocking browser.

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  • Brave browser is gliching like this with google... any solutions???
    Try brave search instead of google and if you want to install brave go to Google search doesnt work well with brave. More if you dont like brave search, use. - Source: Reddit / about 9 hours ago
  • Please help. Chrome 104 ruined everything; 105 changed nothing.
    Also, Firefox I see you use uBlock Origin. Ublock origin works best on Firefox. And, not only that, Firefox is the only one that displays color emojis in Windows 7. If Firefox doesn't convince you, use Brave. - Source: Reddit / 10 days ago
  • Chrome Annoyingly slow on Macbook Pro
    Chrome is quite deficient on macOS. You should use Brave or Firefox on those devices for a more pleasant experience. - Source: Reddit / 8 days ago
  • Is this genuine? Or scam or virus?
    Looks sketch as hell, and it’s only available for Windows, malware’s favorite playground. Only get Brave from the official site. - Source: Reddit / 3 days ago
  • [article]The Ultimate Guide to Dominaria United Draft
    Late response but if you use a browser like the one from (not sponsored by them, just my personal choice) you don't have to see any ads on our articles. This goes for both mobile/desktop as I have Brave on both and just did a scroll through this article (no ads). - Source: Reddit / 8 days ago
  • Time to Switch Back to Firefox-Chrome’s new ad-blocker-limiting extension platform will launch in 2023
    Anyone else using Brave? Seems to be good over here. - Source: Reddit / 4 days ago
  • Brave Integrates with Celo
    Learn more and download Brave at - Source: Reddit / 6 days ago
  • Google postpones MV2 shutoff in Chrome stable to June 2023
    I'm here to recommend brave because it's not mentioned nearly enough yet. fuck you Google! - Source: Hacker News / 7 days ago
  • Firefox gang ! (original meme by u/Slight-Appearance-37)
    It will not, Brave has it's own changes to Chromium's fork It's ultimately focused on the users experience, no extensions and still no ads Https:// - Source: Reddit / 10 days ago
  • I want to know
    Https:// it is based on chromium so the Google changes may apply but their likely to add something to make ad blockers work in addition they have a built in adblocker and tracker blocker. - Source: Reddit / 11 days ago

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14 Best Ad Blockers in 2020
Brave Browser is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, allowing it to be accessible to you regardless of the device you’re using. Rather than having to download an external adblocker, Brave Browser offers users a built-in service with privacy features that truly give you an all-in-one package. No longer do you have to rely on browser extensions to increase your privacy and security.
Adblockers Performance Study - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Now if we remove Brave, we see that there are still differences between uBlock Origin, Ghostery, Adblock Plus and DuckDuckGo. One reason Ghostery is slower than uBlock Origin and AdblockPlus here is that to achieve maximum performance while matching as well as minimize memory usage, there is a bit more work to do up-front. In practice this does not matter so much since it is a one-time operation and that...
4 Browsers That Might Break Your Chrome Addiction
It's hard to say too much about how Brave works in practice, since a full version won't be out until later this summer (although you can beta-test your heart out right now). In theory, though, Brave wants to upend the way web monetization works. The upshot: Brave will block intrusive ads by default, but also go the extra, controversial step of replacing them with relevant ads that don't track you.

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