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Blue Iris is a high end security monitoring system that lets you view and control the feeds from all the cameras at your home or place of business.

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  • Cannot Add Additional Cameras With Activated BI
    Maybe you accidentally installed the 1 camera LE version of BI rather than the full version of Blue Iris that can handle 64 cameras? - Source: Reddit / 16 days ago
  • Looking for ONVIF Compatible NVR Recommendations (Software is great)
    Blue Iris. Runs on Windows. $70 from $60 on Amazon. Supports up to 64 Cameras by MANY different vendors. I have 2 Hikvisions in my 16 Cams. Plenty of Youtube videos to help setup and fine tune too. - Source: Reddit / 16 days ago
  • Wyze Cam RTSP support removed
    Now once you have RTSP running on the camera you are able to take the video and store it somewhere else. You don't specifically need a NAS- you can run a software interface that is designed to play back and view camera interface feeds- like BlueIris, MotionEye Or even directly view the video with VLC... - Source: Reddit / about 1 month ago
  • Is there such a system that ONLY uses internet whenever the stream is opened remotely ?
    Https:// Setup a PC as a video management system with the above software. - Source: Reddit / 2 months ago
  • Google’s Nest Will Provide Data to Police Without a Warrant
    >>how do you prevent a violent home invasion or burglary where the first thing they do is at gunpoint force you to show them where your server is so they can disconnect/destroy it? I would love to see a source of this being a common tactic of thieves, home invasion in general are extremely rare as most thieves are cowards and want to attack soft targets i.e unoccupied homes. Then of the home invasions I am aware... - Source: Hacker News / 2 months ago
  • Just got some old equipment from an office closing down. Any ideas on what I can do with it all/what can be kept or sold?
    I am not really familiar with ubiquiti ecosystem, but Blue Iris has been amazing to me and checks almost all boxes as my video surveillance system. It's a software of choice among many folks at ipcamtalk. - Source: Reddit / 2 months ago
  • So every single car in my neighborhood got broken into last night. I need your guys advice
    You can use blue iris ( ). - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • Replace Amcrest Devices with Minimal Pain
    Look into using Https:// Put cams on separate network and dual home PC running BI software. Or use Synology Surveillance Station as NVR. - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • My little rpi and NAS stack
    I am planning to use Blue Iris Software but in my opinion that looks super 1990-ish Https:// Any recommendations? - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • So this happened on my street yesterday. Somehow no one was hurt.
    If you wanna get really fancy and you're a bit technical, you can do some cool shit with Blue Iris as your DVR and just buying IP cameras to hook up to your network. It won't save you much money, but it lets you really dig in and fine tune a lot of stuff. - Source: Reddit / 4 months ago

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