1. Not Just Another Mafia Game

  2. Go out, find deposits, and build your first mine!

  3. Geocaching is the premier app for locating geocaches. This app is available for both the Android and iOS platforms, and it makes locating these popular hidden treasures easy and fun.

  4. Winner of the Grand Prize at the 2015 Japanese Media Arts Festival Ingress transforms the real world into the landscape for a global game of mystery, intrigue, and competition. Our future is at stake.

  5. 30 Sep 2016 . Parallel Kingdom is a mobile location based massively multiplayer game that uses your GPS location to place you in a virtual world on top of the real world.

  6. Aurasma is changing the way we interact with the world. Turn everyday objects, images, and places into new opportunities for engagement through striking augmented reality experiences. Watch Video. The World's Leading Augmented Reality Platform .

  7. Snap's augmented reality platform

  8. See sharks everywhere with this AR app 🦈

  9. Layar is the global leader in augmented reality and interactive print technology. Print materials spring to life with digital content using the world’s #1 augmented reality app.

  10. Growl for Windows is a Windows-compatible version of https://alternativeto.

  11. Snarl is a notification system for Windows.

  12. Notifu, a free open source pop-up balloon utility