1. Allocate your marketing budget toward the best-performing channels to hit your KPIs and drive growth.


  2. Pageclip is a simple way to save information from the website via forms or front-end JavaScript.

  3. Secure form submission capturing for all your static sites.

  4. Live chat 2.0: Customer messaging that converts

  5. Form endpoints for designers and developers

  6. Simple Form allows you to setup forms with any kind of data

  7. Gravity Forms is one of the best and easiest contact form plugins to create modern forms for websites powered by widely-used WordPress.

  8. The Friendly Way to Ask

  9. Close More Deals. Make More Sales.

  10. Enabling marketers boost conversion with interactive, beautiful & viral quizzes/calculators.

  11. Contactlab is a digital direct marketing company providing solutions for newsletter monitoring and other web-based communications and contact strategies.

  12. Mautic is marketing automation software (email, social, & more).