1. NetCrunch IT Monitoring Platform is easy to start and enterprise scalable. It allows monitoring of systems, logs, applications, cloud and SNMP devices.

  2. Pandora FMS: Opensource monitoring software

  3. Self-hosted, easily-deployable monitoring and alerts service - like a lightweight PagerDuty

  4. PnP networked resource monitoring tool that can help to answer the what just happened to kill our performance

  5. A fully featured network monitoring system that provides a wealth of features and device support.

  6. Help desk software features that work for IT

  7. Real-time performance monitoring, done right

  8. Complete monitoring and alerting for servers, switches, applications, and services

  9. Track, record, alert and visualize performance and availability of IT resources

  10. Action1 is a Cloud-based lightweight endpoint management platform for software deployment, patch management, IT asset inventory and endpoint configuration management.


  11. LogicMonitor is the SaaS performance monitoring platform for the world's best IT teams. Deploy Fast, Monitor More, Improve Ops.

  12. Secure and private SD-WAN enabled connectivity across cloud workloads, on-premise data centers, office sites and cloud applications