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Bitcoin Knots is a derivative of Bitcoin Core (since 2011 December) with a collection of...

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  • How many Bitcoin nodes run software other than Bitcoin Core?
    And as far as I know this is really the only alternate implementation that hasn't been completely abandoned, because it is too much of a pain in the ass to maintain an alternative. You are better of using and contributing your energy to core if you want it to function differently. - Source: Reddit / about 1 month ago
  • Alternative For Your Own Node
    I personally run Bitcoin knots on Windows: or - Source: Reddit / 4 months ago
  • What if Bitcoin devs conspire?
    There are also other implementations, like Bitcoin Knots for example, so it would be almost impossible to have a consensus between everyone. - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • Who controls Bitcoin ?
    Bitcoin Knots. This is maintained by one developer, luke-jr, and he's on reddit. - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • Simple guide to download Bitcoin Core if you are having trouble
    And if for some reason you just can't get bitcoin core, you can also try bitcoin knots which is basically a different implementation of bitcoin core. Here's a description of this project. - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • How is Taproot possible?
    Https:// is the most popular, but there are others like that also are Bitcoin, but with different features in the node. - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • The Limits to Blockchain Scalability
    > you need to make a consumer-friendly distribution of the node software It's a distribution of Bitcoin Core. AFAIK Bitcoin Core also has a convenient GUI interface. I set up a node on my computer. I didn't touch the command-line once. It has a nice GUI and built-in wallet. - Source: Hacker News / almost 2 years ago
  • Turkey bans use of cryptocurrencies for payments
    Download a Bitcoin full node. It only uses 5GB of disk space and a bit of RAM. It can be run over Tor. Custodial solutions like Coinbase can be banned. Full nodes are much harder to ban. - Source: Hacker News / almost 2 years ago

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