1. Ethervane Stopwatch is a simple timer for Windows 2000 or later.

  2. Free QR Code Generator Tool

  3. Even your Grandma will know how to use it. A simple online countdown timer that works. 100% free.

  4. Listen to your favorite Medium stories

  5. Kaywa QR Code is a QR-Code Generator.

  6. World clocks web app. Easy scheduling of events and sharing them with people in different timezones.

  7. Happy Scribe automatically transcribes your interviews

  8. MyStopWatch help you to quickly access your stopwatch with just a click in your menu bar.

  9. TvCountDown.com counts down the days, hours and minutes left until your favorite Tv show airs.

  10. A simple stopwatch app for macOS ⏱️

  11. Easy to use barcode generator and label maker software. Learn how to create single or serialized barcodes in a few clicks!

  12. Track the important days in your life.