1. Certent Equity Compensation Management simplifies and streamlines all the crucial aspects of your stock administration process.

  2. Termly.io is a prominent online resource specializing in website policies, including Terms and...

  3. The LogicGate platform empowers businesses to build agile enterprise process applications that deliver workflow automation and process efficiency

  4. Privacy Management Software

  5. The Age of Privacy requires a new standard of transparency

  6. Axeptio is the user consent management platform compliant with the new General Regulations for the protection of personal data (GDPR/RGPD)

  7. VComply is a cloud-based governance, risk and compliance solution.

  8. Use our automated wizard to generate privacy policy, terms and conditions, and other legal documents tailored for your website, mobile app or business.

  9. Compligo is a cloud-based platform for automating, tracking and reporting on workforce compliance activities.

  10. PowerDMS provides a cloud-based solution that helps reduce risk and maintaining compliance for organizations.

  11. Generate a generic Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for your apps

  12. Privacy Policy Generator from TermsFeed generates privacy policies agreements for websites.