1. Ludo is a platform for playing online team building games in the workplace. We built Ludo as a tool to help us bring our teams and people together. Ludo uses games inspired by popular social games like Werewolf (that we ourselves have a love for).

  2. Ludo with Friends is the perfect family Multiplayer Board Game. Classic rules!

  3. Turn outages into opportunities

  4. Improving productivity and innovation through shared goals, smarter structures and cross-department clarity.

  5. 15Five software elevates the performance and engagement of employees by consistently asking questions and starting the right conversations.

  6. On-demand app that makes volunteering easy, social and fun!

  7. Video check-in's, welcomes, kudos for teams, new and old.

  8. Awesome data visualizations of a team's health

  9. Disco Segreta is a transmedia project focusing on exploring and preserving the heritage of European and Italian disco and italo-disco music, in the years 1968-1989. DiscoSegreta_bianco_1920px .

  10. Everything you need to engage, recognize & reward your team

  11. Customized perks, without the reimbursement process 🍋

  12. A fun online quiz game for teams to get to know each other