1. Octobat providesĀ automated tax-compliance andĀ accounting for digital businesses.

  2. DATEV data center offers services, such as data analysis, archiving, backup, printing,and sending reports.

  3. ONESOURCE tax software and solutions synchronize every aspect of your work and link international, country, state and local tax laws.

  4. SaaS solution for the new 2015 EU VAT rules

  5. Avalara TaxRates API is an easy way for developers to use sales tax rates in their project.

  6. Symmetry offers software solutions for payroll witholding tax.

  7. TaxJar simplifies sales tax filing for eCommerce sellers.

  8. CSC Corptax offers tax planning, provision, and compliance solutions.

  9. Exactor helps organizations to manage their sales tax process.

  10. Sovos ComplianceĀ provides solutions to help businesses meet the demands of their tax, compliance and reporting obligations.

  11. Stop doing your taxes, leave it to the professionals.

  12. TaxCloud makes it easy for wholesalers and retailers to comply with sales tax laws.