1. Claritix is a revenue forecasting and analytics solution.

  2. Metria helps brick and mortar businesses track purchase behaviors, campaigns and customer segments.

  3. Bright is an analytics tool to help subscription-based companies grow faster by surfacing valuable metrics and insights.

  4. PROS big data analytics and pricing software uses customer's internal data to create pricing strategies, improve sales negotiations.

  5. Model N is a revenue management software for life sciences and technology companies.

  6. FunnelSource specializes in modern forecasting and revenue analytics for businesses serious about selling.

  7. InsightOPTIMIZER provides users with the ability to perform optimization on model results from any analytical environment.

  8. Scout Source provides outsourced, performance-based revenue growth and customer success outcomes.

  9. REVvue provides automated real time revenue forecasting for Salesforce.

  10. FunnelWise provides real-time visibility of revenue velocity, goals and forecasting.

  11. MRR API allows you to access monthly recurring revenue reports programmatically.

  12. Oracle Revenue Management Cloud is a centralized, automated revenue management solution addressing the revenue standards.