1. Improve your website to increase conversions, improve the user experience, and make more money using Google Analytics. Measure, understand and quantify engagement on your site with customized and in-depth reports.

  2. Chartbeat shows you real-time traffic to your website and allows you to set alerts for any downtime or spikes in traffic.

  3. Specto is a desktop application that will watch configurable events (such as website updates...

  4. Phrozen SAS, a French IT Security company official website

  5. Tail and colorise system log files.

  6. Tail for Win32 is used to monitor changes to files; displaying the changed lines in realtime.

  7. Log Parser Studio is a utility that allows you to search through and create reports from your IIS, Event, EXADB and others types of logs.

  8. Content Analytics, Editorial Dashboard, Real-Time Analytics, Real-time dashboard, Analytics for Media, Web Analytics, Media Dashboard

  9. SnakeTail is a Windows tail application for monitoring text log files.

  10. WinTail allows you to view the last 64K of a growing text file in real time under Win32 operating...

  11. LogAnayzer is a text editor specifically designed to analyze log files faster and easier by...

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