1. HeroBase is a cloud-based solution that helps sales organizations call leads, prospects or customers as smart and efficiently as possible.

  2. Master your selling stories with role-play automation and move prospects to action

  3. OneMob offers trackable and personalized videomails with Salesforce.

  4. Reybex is a ERP online software for eCommerce which is a cloud based solution that fits well with small and medium-sized enterprises from the business areas of online trade and service.

  5. Automate the flow of lead, deal registration and partner data between your Channeltivity PRM system and Salesforce

  6. Traffic Ticket CRM employs a team of certified Technical Experts and Strategic IT Consultants who provide you effective support.

  7. The ROI Shop develops interactive ROI calculators that enable sales people to collaborate and build the financial justification.

  8. Grace is a free WYSIWYG 2D graph plotting tool, for Unix-like operating systems.

  9. Emissary is a sales intelligence network.

  10. Marketing resources and tools for small businesses. Information on advertising, exhibitions, market research, online media, PR and much more.

  11. Simplus is a Salesforce Partner and the industry leader in Quote-to- Cash implementations.

  12. CloudApps increases sales performance by predicting deal health. Improve your forecast accuracy and get started with our 30-day trial