1. BASE for Brands is a cloud-based shopper marketing operating system helping companies fully manage brand investments and optimise ROI.

  2. Intelliad is a comprehensive performance marketing platform.

  3. Simple is a Marketing Performance Management platform that enables marketing teams to create, prioritize, collaborate and execute campaigns.

  4. Netrefer's Unified Performance Marketing Platform is an automated marketing solution built for the affiliate life cycle.

  5. Real-time Advertising Reports and Insights. Turn your manually-generated reports into automated spreadsheet intelligence

  6. SqueezeCMM helps track content marketing performance for lead generation on any channel or network.

  7. YTZ is an international performance network that specializes in monetizing traffic solutions for online publishers.

  8. Musqot is a marketing performance management solution enabling marketers to plan, budget, analyze and optimize campaigns across all channels

  9. nxus is a complete management tool to track & optimize the performance marketing & attribution analytics.

  10. Allocate your marketing budget toward the best-performing channels to hit your KPIs and drive growth.


  11. Allocadia is a budgeting, planning & marketing performance management software that helps marketers be revenue-driven.

  12. ThinkVine solution helps B2C organizations strengthen marketing plan effectiveness and efficiency, and create stronger brands over time.