1. Brandify is a provider of location-based digital marketing solutions.

  2. YOOSE offers location-based​ advertising and mobile beacon solutions.

  3. xAd uses the context of location to create meaningful mobile advertising experiences.

  4. SIM Velocity platform is a local marketing automation solution that enables brands to optimize their content and location information

  5. Moz Local helps local search engines – and new customers – find your business online.

  6. Yext provides your business with the tools you need to engage with customers and gives you more control over how your branding is presented throughout the various platforms that make up the online marketplace.

  7. Mobify is a mobile commerce platform used by retailers to deliver exceptional responsive web and hybrid app shopping experiences.

  8. Automated geo-targeting of your website content

  9. Pulsate Locate is a location marketing solution that enables marketers to engage users based on their precise location.

  10. inMarket is a beacon media platform enabling brands to connect with consumers via mobile at the right time and right place.

  11. Geofeedia allows companies to do social media monitoring by location.

  12. Skyhook uses Wi-Fi access point details to help provide location to apps and devices.