1. IoT Telemetry platform ready for the next generation of internet connected devices.

  2. A book on how to create messages that drive engagement

  3. The IoT GURU

  4. IoTPlotter.com is a service which collects data from your IoT devices for long-term graph plotting and storage. It's completely free and made for the maker community.

  5. Enterprise-Ready IoT Platform

  6. Restful data platform for the Internet of Things. IoThook Features

  7. t6 is an "oriented-Data" platform to connect physical Objects with time-series DB.

  8. Kaa is an open-source IoT platform for device management, data collection, analytics and visualization, remote control, software updates and more.

  9. IoT-Ignite® is an open IoT platform.

  10. Palamoa is a free cloud service for sensor data.

  11. Harness the power of Voice and AI. Acquire, Engage and Retain Customers using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

    $39.0 / Monthly (Per month)

  12. A cloud service to capture and make sense of sensor data