1. ClearGraph is a full-stack data platform provides enterprise search for making data accessible to business users.

  2. AppWise is an intelligent workspace that unifies enterprise apps into a single, searchable view.

  3. Sphider is a lightweight web spider and search engine written in PHP, using MySQL as its back end database.

  4. Zettata search is an enterprise-grade search software that significantly enhances the effectiveness of e-commerce sites.

  5. Help you organize/sort your online content by tagging your files in cloud drive and mailbox (Gmail).

  6. PIPL professional search is used to find the person behind an email,phone or social profile and covers over 3 Billion people worldwide.

  7. Your team has Q’s, Butter.ai has A’s.

  8. Docco is a quick-and-dirty, hundred-line-long, literate-programming-style documentation generator.

  9. Knowledge base & documentation website creation

  10. Search Engines

  11. Project strus is a collection of open source C++ libraries for building a full-text search engine.

  12. NDoc generates class library documentation from .