1. Find & book fashion models online

  2. AI-powered end-to-end intelligent retail automation

  3. Personalization & customer experience management

  4. Monetate empowers you with the big data insights, personalization, merchandising, testing, analytics, and expertise that you need to anticipate and react to customer behavior.

  5. Certona is a multi-channel personalization platform for brands and retailers.

  6. Evergage's real time web personalization software can help you boost engagement, increase revenue and drive more conversions. Web personalization software that's easy to use.

  7. Beautiful, simplistic, web pages for free

  8. Powerful and affordable visual recognition API

  9. Search is great when people know what they're looking for. But what if they're looking to be inspired? For decades, brands have relied upon people walking into stores and walking out with things they never knew they needed.

  10. Barilliance enables e-commerce sites of any size to deliver a personalized shopping experience by...