1. Social selling and employee advocacy software designed to help employees become powerful marketers, sellers, and recruiters.

  2. Officevibe is an employee survey platform with the mission of improving company culture. Measure and improve your culture in less than 5 minutes per month, with our simple surveys.

  3. CoreHealth is an all-in-one corporate wellness platform for organizations of all sizes.

  4. Bright Funds provides a rewarding way for individuals and employees to contribute to non-profit causes.

  5. MOVE Guides is the cloud platform for talent mobility.

  6. Mobile and web platforms for employees to order freshly-prepared lunches from selected local restaurants.

  7. Workmates provides team engagement, collaboration and productivity platform for modern enterprises.

  8. B2B employee-engagement platform to improve health and wellbeing.

  9. BettrLife is a technology solution that assists organizations in engaging people in healthy lifestyle outcomes.

  10. Personalized healthcare treatment comparison software.

  11. Virgin Pulse is a mobile-first employee wellness platform, providing tools to employees to cultivate habits for a better quality of life.

  12. Espresa is a cloud platform and service provider network that improves work-life balance for employees.