1. Systemic is a cross-device optimized, modular email design system to plug into any app. Never worry about your emails again.

  2. CoffeeCup Email Designer enables users to design custom, mobile friendly, emails and newsletters using progressive enhancement.

  3. Drag & drop email builder for awesome newsletters

  4. Mail Designer is an email design tool that enables users to design their newsletter campaigns.

  5. MailChimp is the best way to design, send, and share email newsletters.

  6. Email marketing software built for designers and their clients to run successful email campaigns.

  7. Campaign Workhub provides solutions to simplify email campaigns review and approvals.

  8. PowerInbox is an email platform that enables users to run applications for Facebook, Twitter and Groupon from their inbox.

  9. Designmodo enables users to easily create websites and email templates for their newsletters.

  10. Dragon Email Designer provides an intuitive drag and drop newsletter design tool.

  11. All-in-one email service provider that provides maximum insight and deliverability results for both marketing and transactional emails.

  12. BEE Pro is an email design tool for freelancers, teams, and email agencies.