1. SmartyAds is a digital advertising platform consisting of integrated DSP, SSP, and RTB ad exchange.

  2. Marketing analytics for brands and agencies.

  3. Learn how the BrightRoll DSP (demand side platform) helps you reach your target audience across devices and publishers. Also, explore the benefits of programmatic buying from our marketplace.

  4. Adblade provides unique advertising and monetization services, for both advertisers and publishers.

  5. Epom programmatic self-serve platform ensures cost-effective advertising & unlocks top-world websites & mobile apps through single account.

  6. eyeReturn Marketing is the only end-to-end digital advertising platform

  7. Tradelab is a multi-device programmatic buying platform that enables advertisers and agencies to connect with their audiences.

  8. GetIntent RTBSuite is an enterprise-grade programmatic platform that enables building of DSPs & SSPs, reducing time-to-market & saving cost.

  9. iPinYou is a demand side platform service provider in China.

  10. Eyereturn DSP Platform monetize campaigns effectively by leveraging technology, measurement tools and multiple source of data.

  11. Emerse Demand Side Platform is used by agencies and advertisers to buy digital video advertising inventory

  12. Turn offers data and media management platform technologies and a data management platform to centralize offline and online marketing data.