1. Marin Audience Marketing Suite is a cross-channel performance advertising platform used by advertisers and agencies.

  2. Matomy’s performance platform offers cross-channel advertising solutions across eight media channels.

  3. Amazon Advertising offers cross-platform​ advertising solutions.

  4. Yellowhammer has developed a Performance Trading Platform.

  5. CheckM8 is a rich media advertising platform.

  6. Zeta Actions is a results-driven customer acquisition engine that operates in the highest value verticals.

  7. Spectra is a traditional media management platform.

  8. Campaign Analytics enable marketers to aggregate cross-channel campaign performance and metrics in one place.

  9. Kwanko offers multi-channel advertising solutions.

  10. Intent IQ is a cross-channel advertising solution.

  11. WideOrbit provides innovative, proven solutions for managing the business of advertising operations - from proposal to order management and scheduling to billing accounts receivable and aging.

  12. AdStage is a self-serve online advertising platform, allowing you to manage all your Google, Bing...