1. TextIt is a multi-platform messaging and voice bot builder tool, to engage anyone, anywhere.

  2. Automatically send a custom reply and a private message to every comment across all of your posts...

  3. Next IT is a virtual assistant that help companies deliver the perfect online customer experience.

  4. Support your customers automatically on website and messaging platforms - transform your FAQ to chatbot in 5 minutes, for real.

  5. SegMate is a Facebook Messenger ChatBot builder.

  6. Zelp is a social media customer support platform for teams powered by chatbots.

  7. Converse.AI is a platform to build powerful chatbots to enhance customer experience and engagement.

  8. The Bots.co Platform enables users to create and manage bots.

  9. ChatScript is an open source chatbot engine.

  10. Sequel is a code-free bot platform to create messenger bots with personality.

  11. Gupshup Template Bot Builder enables businesses to launch bot instantly using pre-defined templates.

  12. Restackio helps to design and build blazing fast web sites, mobile applications and chatbots using Elixir.