1. eAdjudication is a cloud software solution designed to manage endpoint adjudication in an effective and quality controlled environment.

  2. SMART-TRIAL is designed for medical device manufacturers who need to generate, store, and share clinical evidence. 

  3. OpenClinica is an open source clinical trials software.

  4. Electronic Data Capture – Simple.

  5. Mosio is a two-way text messaging company specializing in mobile solutions for clinical research.

  6. Clinion is a clinical trial solution that is uniquely focused on delivering superior user experience.

  7. Clear Clinica is an Electronic Data Capture software that allows to store clinical trial data on secure servers, & get statistical reports.

  8. CLIRINX platform has been designed for medical research conducted at academic institutions.

  9. Robintek Health - Clinical Management System: MDS 3.0, Careplans and Care Centered Web Development

  10. Trials.ai is an eClinical platform that uses AI to help companies conduct and manage clinical trials.

  11. OnCore Enterprise Research system supports efficient processes at academic medical centers, cancer centers, and health care systems.

  12. Randomize.net is an IWRS that efficiently manages subject randomization and drug supply for your clinical trials.