1. VDart ChatEngine is a real time instant messaging solution to build a feature-rich mobile chat app for social, in-app, enterprise chats.

  2. CroplaChat SDK is a marketplace buyer-seller chat for marketplace websites like e-commerce store, classifieds, etc that allowing customer to chat each other without revealing phone number to avoid spam calls it integrated and configured on any new o…

  3. Add live voice, video, text & data features to your app

  4. C2Call offers SDKs for mobile and browser-based calling solutions.

  5. Hyphenate Mobile Instant Messaging provide native SDKs, API, and cloud-based platform for integrating In-App Chat for any app or website.

  6. MessageBird is an enterprise-grade cloud communications platform offering API solutions for SMS, Voice and Chat for +15,000 businesses.

  7. Chat API & In-App Messaging SDK for Mobile & Web Apps Innovate fast, save development cost and delight users with a scalable, secure and customizable Chat

  8. SendBird is messaging-as-a-service.

  9. Enable Voice, Video and Text Chat on Website and Mobile Apps using CometChat's Messaging & Chat API.

  10. Our hosted video chat API makes it simple for devs to embed beautiful multiparty video into apps on any device. Learn more here: https://t.co/4b5EbRg0SG