1. Colorific Hair Color Salons give you amazing color at an affordable price.

  2. Chrome extension to emulate a CDN using local system.

  3. Styles and skins for all popular sites in the web

  4. Short-range anonymous messaging (Secret meets Firechat)

  5. Defend your privacy with dozens of features.

  6. F.B. Purity is a browser extension / add-on that lets you clean up and customize Facebook.

  7. Stylus is a userstyles editor and manager based on the source code of Stylish version 1.5.2.

  8. User-Agent Switcher is a quick and easy way to switch between user-agents.

  9. Violentmonkey is a userscript manager to support running userscripts in web pages.

  10. Change the appearance of websites instantly. Preview and install styles created by other users on stylebot.me

  11. Firefox addon - Rotates complete browser profiles ( from real browsers / devices ) at a user defined time interval. It includes many extra privacy enhancing options - dillbyrne/random-agent-spoofer

  12. Controls settings from the command line for computer monitors that support the Display Data Channel...