1. PlanBold is an online software that organizes knowledge, cultivates ideas and manages marketing strategies to deliver results for brands.

  2. IdeaFox provides a digital SaaS platform for teams and organizations to share knowledge and manage ideation and innovation processes in a simple and flexible way. ✓Easy to use ✓High flexibility ✓Trusted by innovation leaders

  3. A place to store you million dollar ideas

  4. Ideanote is an idea management app for modern teams.

  5. Oracle Innovation Management Cloud helps you systematize the selection and translation of the best ideas and inventions into profitable offerings for customers.

  6. Accelerate your thinking writing and planning with BrainStorm.

  7. Ideasbank is an innovation platform that will help you identify innovative ideas within your organisation and successfully develop and implement them

  8. InnovationCast is designed to support the company's engagement in innovation from beginning to end.

  9. Click and download this open source project software. No email address required. No annoying pop up ads inside. Get its online and mobile PM tools free.

  10. Glint is an advanced platform for organizations harvesting collaborative innovation as it allows unlimited challenges, intelligent ideation.

  11. id-Force Ideenmanagement Software | Geben Sie Ihren Ideen Kraft.

  12. Ezassi offers Open Innovation Management software solution and a proprietary cloud-based platform allows clients to operationalize Open Innovation initiatives and accelerate decision making.