1. Doorboost is an online advertising software enabling users to create, analyze and optimize campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

  2. 4C Insights is a social advertising and analytics platform for TV and digital media.

  3. AI-powered virtual colleague for digital marketers

  4. FatTail simplifies the entire advertising process, from proposal to billing, and every step in between. 

  5. AdNabu is a Google Ads PPC automation software.

  6. ConversionRuler is a performance tracking and reporting service that provides information on effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

  7. Online advertising is confusing. We show you what works, so your ads will succeed every time! WhatRunsWhere is a competitive intelligence platform for display advertising giving you the power to buy media intelligently and profitably for your exi...

  8. Taykey gives marketers real-time tools to automatically target advertising and gather insights based on what's trending for their audience.

  9. Advanse provides solutions for marketers to improve digital advertising effectiveness.

  10. Facebook ads tool for professionals

  11. DeltaX offers solutions for real-time optimization of search, social and display campaigns.

  12. Komoona is a solution to work across the entire RTB ad ecosystem.