1. Spectacular HTML5 Image Galleries Made Easy

  2. BI & Analytics for Gaming

  3. Akita connects all of your business systems—accounting, marketing, support, and more—helping you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team.

  4. Sales predictive analytics & business intelligence software

  5. Free open-source developer toolkit with a full REST API

  6. Artesian is a social intelligence platform providing market insights and commercially valuable information to businesses.

  7. MonkeyData is eCommerce analytics software solution offering retailers with actionable insights to grow their business.

  8. Connect your database, let Statsbot generate data relationships from your database automatically, and get your first insights in a matter of minutes.

  9. Make everyone on your team a data beast

  10. Wizdee is a tech startup revolutionizing business intelligence with natural language processing, machine learning and semantic search

  11. Vigil offers website-monitoring and downtime notifications.

  12. Clinical, financial & business intelligence solution